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Bali Mandala

- Batik Cotton Collection - 

Our colourful Bali Mandala Collection of products is artisanal and made using robust 100% cotton, and are ideal for the eco-conscious, as the traditional batik dying process creates minimal waste by re-using its wax and dyes each time the fabric is printed. All are products are designed hand sewn in Bali. We have Tablecloths, Table Runners, Napkins, Cushion Covers,Picnic Wraps, Sun hats and beach baskets all available in five tropical colours - Indigo, Azure, Emerald, Ruby and Amethyst.

Cheerful and fun to co-ordinate, making an eye-catching statement around your home and garden or perhaps on a tropical picnic!


Batik Cotton Products


Available in exciting tropical colours - Amethyst, Azure, Emerald, Indigo and Ruby.

This hand printed batik pattern is available in three sizes. Ideal for rectangular, square and circular tables. Give your table settings a welcoming atmosphere and perhaps complete the look with co-ordinating napkins and a table runner.

All our batik products are handprinted in Java on 100% Cotton and sewn in Bali.

Islands and Oceans Bali Cotton Batik Napkin, Tablecloth, Cushion Cover, Napkin Ring Amethy
Photoshoot - Behind the Scenes (Batik)
David Southworth - Islands and Oceans

Photoshoot - Behind the Scenes (Batik)

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