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Handcrafted linen aprons from Bali

Linen Aprons 

Our Linen Aprons are made from highest quality linen. It's natural fibres make it a breathable and lightweight material. Linen is also known for its ability to become softer with every wash, so you can be sure that our locally sourced linen products will only get better with time.


With no ties and a loose fit, the comfortable cross body design and two roomy angled pockets at the front make this apron both practical and versatile. Made from 100% linen in a single thickness, our unisex aprons are appropriate for the entire family, and come in a variety of sizes. They are ideal for both indoor and outdoor home activities such as cooking, gardening, and cleaning.


Inspired by the earthy colours of Ochre, Indigo, Ash, Pewter and Moss, the Colours of Java Collection offers many choices to co-ordinate within your home.

Islands and Oceans Bali Colours of Java Linen Tea Towels

Linen tea towels go very well with our

linen aprons

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