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Handcrafted Batik Oven Gloves Bali

Cotton Batik
Oven Gloves

Our Cotton Batik Oven Gloves are handcrafted in Bali using traditional Batik printing techniques. These heavy cotton oven mitts are unique and artisanal, with colourful Batik designs. They are heat-resistant, durable, and affordable, making them the perfect addition to any kitchen. These Bali-made oven gloves are a great way to add a touch of traditional culture to your cooking.

Our Cotton Batik Oven Gloves are quilted and are machine washable. Available within our Bali Mandala Collection in exciting tropical colours - Amethyst, Azure, Emerald, Indigo and Ruby.  


We offer three styles of handcrafted heavy cotton oven mitts. All designs feature our bespoke Mandala batik print - single glove, double glove and oven square. They all co-ordinate beautifully with our Tea Towels, Aprons, Tablecloths, Table Runners and Napkins.


Islands and Oceans Bali Mandala Amethyst Apron (3)_edited.jpg

Batik aprons go very well with our

batik oven gloves

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