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Handmade linen tea towels Bali

Linen Tea Towels

Our Linen Tea Towels are handmade in Bali using natural linen fabric suitable for kitchen use. These eco-friendly, artisan Tea Towels are hand-sewn and handcrafted with care to provide you with an absorbent and robust Tea Towel with a generous hanging loop. Our Linen Tea Towels are perfect for any kitchen and make a great gift for any occasion.


The range is perfect for those who want to add a touch of luxury and comfort to their homes.


All our products in Linen are perfect choices for those looking for practical and stylish accessories for their home.

Islands & Oceans Bali Mother & Child Brick Ochre Linen Aprons 23_edited.jpg

Linen aprons go very well with our
linen tea towels

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