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Islands and Oceans Bali Colours of Java Linen Cushion Cover Mixed  Indigo and Moss_edited_

Linen Cushion Covers

Our Linen Cushion Covers within the Colours of Java Collection are hand sewn by artisans from Bali. Handcrafted for a unique, sustainable and decorative look. These rustic coloured Cushion Covers are made from natural linen, perfect for a bohemian look. Add a touch of Balinese charm to your home with our Linen Cushion Covers in five earthy shades.


Linen is durable and known for its ability to become softer with every wash, so you can be sure that our linen products will only get better with time. Incredibly versatile, these Cushion Covers can be used to elevate your outdoor furniture, used indoors in your living room or look stunning when used as throw cushions for your bed.


Available in size 50cm x 50cm, featuring a concealed zip and neat piped edges.

Choose one colour, or mix and match for an elegant, coordinated effect.

Islands and Oceans Bali Colours of Java Linen Table Runner Ash (3_edited.jpg

Linen table runners go very well with our
linen cushion covers

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