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About Us

Islands & Oceans proudly works together with Indonesian partners. We value their contribution. We are committed to giving back by sponsoring and supporting local small businesses and communities, collaborating with Balinese Rotary groups and reinvesting a percentage of our revenues in the local economy, specifically in education. We strive to preserve Indonesia's diverse range of historic, innovative and unique ethnic arts.

Let us take you on a journey to explore the beauty of Islands & Oceans. Step into a world of Balinese splendour with our exclusive Batik cottons, linens and ethically sourced teak and acacia kitchenware, as well as sea grass lined beach baskets and beautifully woven sea grass table mats. Enjoy the warmth of tropical style for your home cooking and dining experiences, indoors or out, with friends and family. We guarantee you a cultural experience like no other!

Perhaps by absorbing the cultural riches of Bali, we can pleasantly banish the forbidding British climate!

Sunrise over the Sea in Eastern Bali

Meet Our Team at Islands & Oceans

David Southworth, Director of Islands and Oceans

David Southworth

Director of UK Operations

Nea Sukeasih, Creative Director

Nea Sukaesih


Widya Maharani, Copywriter

Ni Putu Widya Maharani


Alan Brown, Director of Islands and Oceans

Alan Brown

Bali Logistics

I Nyoman Rai Suryanatha, Photographer and Videographer

I Nyoman Rai Suryanatha

Photographer and Videographer

Lizanne Southworth, Marketing and Design

Lizanne Southworth

Marketing and Design

Wayan, Seamstress



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