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Artisan woven placemats

Sea Grass


Looking for high quality Sea Grass Placemats? We have travelled around Bali, especially in the central area of Ubud and found skilled craftsmen and women producing wonderful, well made Placemats in two stunning circular designs.


Islands & Oceans bring to you authentic hand woven Sea Grass products from Bali including beach baskets which are sustainably and locally sourced.

We have Sea Grass circular Placemats in two colours - one natural and the other natural and dyed chocolate brown. The technique of the hand weaving can be seen clearly on each design, so too can the neat binding around the rim.

We feel that our stylish Colours of Java table runners in linen and sit so well with these Sea Grass Place Mats.


We are sure you will love them! 

Free Delivery to UK

Islands and Oceans Bali Colours of Java Linen Table Runner Pewter(1)_edited.jpg

Linen Table Runners team well with our
ethically sourced Sea Grass Placemats

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