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Bali Mandala The Story

At Islands & Oceans, we take pride in the Bali Mandala design that graces our cotton homewares. Our pieces are handcrafted by local artisans with love and care, and are perfect for adding a touch of personality to your home. Our Mandala designs are a celebration of the circle of life, and we believe they will bring positive energy and a deeper connection to your space.

At Islands & Oceans, we are passionate about crafting beautiful Balinese homewares with a unique story behind each item. Our products are made using traditional batik techniques, which involve a special method of decorating fabric using hot wax and dyes. This process is both time consuming and intricate, but the results are breathtaking. We have five tropical colours within our cotton Bali Mandala Collection - Amethyst, Indigo, Emerald, Azure and Ruby.


We pride ourselves on producing handcrafted stylish pieces that are sure to create a stunning visual impact in any home. For more information on our batik dying process, see our products being made our video below.

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Available in exciting tropical colours - Amethyst, Azure, Emerald, Indigo and Ruby.

This hand printed batik pattern is available in three sizes. Ideal for rectangular, square and circular tables. Give your table settings a welcoming atmosphere and perhaps complete the look with co-ordinating napkins and a table runner.

All our batik products are handprinted in Java on 100% Cotton and sewn in Bali.

Hand Crafted Cotton Batik Tablecloths