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Batik cotton aprons Bali

Cotton Batik Aprons

Our Cotton Batik Aprons are handmade in Bali using heavy cotton with our unique Batik design. These artisanal Aprons are perfect for cooking, baking and crafting, while also adding traditional Balinese flair to any kitchen. 


Our handcrafted artisanal Aprons are made with a double thickness of cotton: a marbled print on the inside and a Bali Mandala pattern on the outside. They have two spacious front pockets for popping in your bits and bobs and are loose-fitting with no-ties. A traditional pinafore style which you can easily pull on over your head! 

These artisanal cotton Aprons are ideal for the eco-conscious, as the traditional batik dying process creates minimal waste by re-using its wax and dyes each time the fabric is printed.

Perhaps team with our Tea Towels to brighten your kitchen!

Islands and Oceans Bali Multi Batik Tea Towel (11)_edited.jpg

Batik tea towels go very well with
our batik cotton aprons

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