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Islands and Oceans Bali Cotton Batik Napkin, Tablecloth, Cushion Cover, Napkin Ring Amethy


- Bali Mandala | Cotton Collection - 

We love the gorgeous purplish tone of the amethyst stone - we have used it as our inspiration. 


Within the Bali Mandala Collection we have the beautiful colour option of Amethyst. It is named after the naturally produced precious gem stone found in Indonesia. Amethyst has a charm and attraction due to its pinkish purple to deep purple colour. 


Made from high quality 100% cotton, our handmade Amethyst products are hand stamped in Java to the perfect shade of pinkish purple, featuring our bespoke batik Bali Mandala pattern in a beautiful purple and white contrast. 

Discover all our handmade and sustainable products within this collection from table cloths to napkins to beach baskets and sun hats. All co-ordinated for you to enjoy!

Our Bali Mandala in Amethyst defines the essentials for an effortless elegance and exclusivity.

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