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Bali Mandala Collection - Cotton

Tablecloths, Table Runners, Napkins, Cushion Covers, Tea Towels and much more... 

All our products are made from high - grade 100% cotton from Indonesia,
dyed and traditionally Batik hand stamped in Java and sewn in Bali.

Bali Mandala is available in five exciting tropical colours - Amethyst, Azure, Emerald, Indigo and Ruby.

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Islands & Oceans Bali Borneo Mandala Indigo Tablecloth Table Runner Bali Mandala Napkins A

Table Runners

Islands and Oceans Napkin Bali Mandala Amethyst on a Place Setting 2_edited.jpg


Islands & Oceans Bali Mother and Child Emerald Mandala Apron Oven Glove Tea Towel and Hat

Tea Towels

Islands & Oceans Bali Indigo Bali Mandala Cushion Covers and Bed Table Runner 3_edited.jpg

Cushion Covers

Islands and Oceans Tablecloth Mandala Emerald 2_edited_edited.jpg

Table Cloths

Islands and Oceans Bali Oven Gloves Rose 3.jpg

Oven Gloves

Islands and Oceans Bali Emerald Mandala Picnic Set 2.jpg

Picnic Wraps

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