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Understated Elegance

Our Cotton Batik Aprons in Amethyst are handmade in Bali using heavy cotton with a unique Batik design. These artisanal Aprons are perfect for cooking, baking and crafting, while also adding traditional Balinese flair to any kitchen. The inspiration for the colour Amethyst was from the highly valued pinkish - purple Amethyst semi precious gem stone which can be sourced throughout Indonesia.


With their custom Batik print and patterned designs these Aprons are sure to make a statement in any kitchen. With no ties and a loose fit, the comfortable cross body design and two roomy angled pockets at the front make this apron both practical and versatile. Made from a double thickness of Bali Mandala cotton on the outside and a beautiful marbled print cotton on the inside, our unisex Aprons are appropriate for the entire family, and come in a variety of sizes. 


The Mandala print is a part of our Bali Mandala Collection, handcrafted in Bali using traditional batik techniques, which involve an ancient method of wax-resist dyeing applied to the whole cloth. All our products in Amethyst Bali Mandala cotton are perfect for those looking for unique home accessories.

Cotton Batik Aprons Amethyst

PriceFrom £14.99
  • Our Cotton Batik Aprons in Amethyst are hand stamped, hand dyed are hand sewn with two layers of contrasting Bali Mandala print. These artisanal cotton Aprons are ideal for the eco-conscious, as the traditional batik dying process creates minimal waste by re-using its wax and dyes each time the fabric is printed They come in four sizes XS, S, M & L.

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