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Colours of Java, why so?

Some cities on the island of Java, north of Bali, are boosting their confidence and as a result tourism with colour - lots of it! Walls and roofs and even streets have been painted with vibrant colours in order to attract visitors.

This colourful idea has worked its charm, as photos of travellers against the background of colourful villages and riversides are found all over social media. The addition of colour painted within the villages was the idea of local students, they even funded the project themselves.

So how does this all fit in with Islands & Oceans you may ask. Being part of a social initiative that creates good is what we are aspiring to achieve with our burgeoning relationship with Rotary in Sanur.

At Islands & Oceans we appreciate the invaluable contributions made by our Indonesian partners, especially those in Bali. It is our objective to "give back" by sponsoring and supporting small businesses and communities with education and vocational training so that they can better the future for their children. Furthermore, we commit to reinvesting a percentage of our revenues in the local economy, specifically in education, so that the skills on which we rely become a sustainable source, alongside many other traditional, cultural, and artisanal crafts.

Now to the connection, our second Collection which is in linen is so named Colours of Java. We were so inspired by seeing these villages' use of colour, especially ochre - deep orange and indigo - deep blue, that we created our linen tablewares around them. Ochre and Indigo, plus two shades of grey (Ash and Pewter) and a deep green (Moss) combine beautifully within the home environment.

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