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- Colours of Java | Linen Collection - 

All our high quality products in linen in Ochre colour, are carefully handmade in Bali. The terracotta tone in this Ochre linen collection is very attractive and has its own charm that could become your all-time favourite!


Made from high quality linen, our Ochre aprons are dyed to the perfect shade of warm terracotta. This earthy hue in linen is stylish, durable, and long-lasting. Its natural fibres make it a breathable and lightweight material. Linen is also known for its ability to become softer with every wash, so you can be sure that our linen products will only get better with time. Giving off feelings of warmth, cosiness, and friendliness, Ochre within the Colours of Java Collection is available in handmade and luxurious table runners, aprons, tea towels, napkins, and cushion covers.

Given that all of the earthy tones in this collection of Colour of Java go well together, mixing and matching the Ochre collections with other colours available would be another fun option for you to explore!

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