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Inspired By The Colourful Villages of Java:


Neighbouring the Island of Bali, Java is central and one of the largest islands in Indonesia. This island has a massive population, which contributes to the diversity of its cultures.

The Village of Colours and Indonesia's 3D Colourful Villages in the eastern part of the island of Java inspired us with their dark orange - ochre and dark blue - indigo colours, this enabled us to create earthy tones for our linen Colours of Java Collection. Colours such as indigo, ochre, ash, pewter  and  moss they all lean toward the earthy side of the colour spectrum and altogether produce some absolutely stunning colour combinations. 

Islands and Oceans Bali Colours of Java Linen Apron Moss 3_edited.jpg

Through a social responsibility project, the corners of the villages were transformed by university students and a local paint company, the result was a land of rainbows. All the buildings are now painted in striking colours ranging from soft pastels to bright yellow, orange, pink, blue and green. 

Islands & Oceans Bali Young Model with Indigo Apron and Flowers_edited.jpg

If we had to choose our favourite fabric other than cotton, it would undoubtedly be linen! We simply love it because it is a sustainable fabric that complements our eco-friendly and sustainable goals.


Linen is a long-lasting natural fibre made from the flax plant. The plants are either cut or pulled from the ground by hand to extract the fibres. The seeds are removed through a process known as winnowing or ripping, followed by getting, which separates the plant stock from the fibres. The longest fibres, which can be up to almost 8 inches long, are separated from the others to be collected, spun into yarn, and finally woven into fabric.