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Getting to know Mandala:

Considered as one spiritual epitome, the word ‘Mandala’ in Sanskrit simply means “circle”. Typically circular but not limited to that, the balanced repetition of geometric shapes and patterns in Mandala symbolises the universe, and it is primarily utilised as a visual guidance tool or meditation aid in Hinduism and Buddhism traditions. The Mandala design also represents the idea that life never ends and that everything is linked. It helps to focus on the magnitude of the world, to establish a sacred space or to give such healing. It also implies a deeper connection to our wholeness, soul, and flourishes overall harmony.

We felt that Mandala teaches us to release resistance and instead just live with the flow of life that will bring more joy, compassion, and introspection, hence we took this as our base inspiration for our first collection.


Our Bali Mandala Geometric Patterns:


The essence of Mandala, at Islands and Oceans is interpreted as a central radiating light that brings wholeness, unique, and exotic beauty. Our designer Nea who resides in Bali, has given her own special twist in this interpretation where the Mandala shape resembles the form of stars and flowers.

Each item is hand-printed in a traditional Batik dyeing method which involves the application of wax to protect the un -dyed areas of the cloth allowing the natural dyes to penetrate the cotton to leave rich colours and patterns. We chose to produce our fabrics with the Batik technique that originally comes from Java, Indonesia, since it gives exquisite craftsmanship and authentic feelings. Most importantly, Batik is one of the production methods that is ethical and sustainable, which is in line with our mission to become a responsible brand.

Islands and Oceans Bali Mandala Tea Towel Emerald (2)_edited_edited.jpg


The reverse image, known as a "resist," is hand-painted with hot wax and the top is then dyed naturally. The parts covered with wax withstand the dye and retain the original colour, leaving the pattern drawn in wax. This method can be done continuously to produce layers of magnificent intricate designs. Once the final layer is done, the wax is removed using hot water, and the fabric is then ready with the batik pattern preserved. This procedure recovers the wax, which is then reused.


Bright and tropical captured our imagination, the result is the Bali Mandala Collection for you to enjoy in your home.

Islands and Oceans Batik Process (Subtitled)

Islands and Oceans Batik Process (Subtitled)

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