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Meet the Team

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David Southworth – UK Operations

David is Director in charge of UK Operations for Islands & Oceans, originally from Blackburn, a city made famous by The Beatles song “A day in the life”. To quote from the song “About a lucky man who made the grade”. Say no more! David is a man of many talents including DIY, electronics, golf and brewing in his own micro-brewery to the strains of classic rock music.

David has been involved in a wide range of businesses internationally including, a Railway themed Hotel, Power Station Construction, a Chinese Business School, Global IT, Fabrication and Hotel and Aircraft Interior Design. His favourite colour is blue, which appears in many of our designs.

His message to Islands & Oceans customers is that quality and design are essential. We aim to produce the finest fabrics as well as examples of one-of-a-kind ethnic traditional art.

Equally vital is ensuring a sustainable future for our Indonesian partners, who are dispersed across the country in small villages and family units. For decades, their artisanal skills and utilisation of natural materials have been passed from generation to generation. We believe in the power of education to foster sustainability, and we intend to invest similarly in Bali.

Alan Brown - Bali Logistics


Alan is Director in charge of Bali Operations for Islands & Oceans. He oversees the procurement and logistics involved in bringing Islands & Oceans branded products to the UK. Alan's experience ranges from retail management to army service, hotel ownership, and a successful financial management franchise with a FTSE100 company in York. 


Born in Sunderland in NE England, Alan moved to Asia in 2012 where he first stayed for three years in Shenzhen, China, before going to Jakarta and subsequently to Bali. His holiday villa business faltered as a result of the Covid Pandemic in 2020, so he had the idea to establish an online shop as this was the only business area that grew throughout the crisis. 

A fruitful online encounter with a valued former client, David Southworth, resulted in the foundation of Bali Trading Ltd. The brand name Islands & Oceans was chosen with the help of Lizanne. We felt that this magically embodied the true nature of Bali and Indonesia, as well as being a highly accurate depiction of this massive archipelago between the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

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Alan likes orchestral, classic, and progressive rock music, and he used to be the lead singer in a covers band. He wants Islands & Oceans clients to enjoy spicing up their meals by using our exclusively designed homeware. Purchasing our products also helps Bali and other Indonesian regions' artisans build a future. Our goal is to assist them in developing their microbusinesses and enhancing the local economy.

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Lizanne Southworth - Website & Style Guru


Lizanne comes from Manchester, Britain's third most populous metropolitan area, which was founded about 2,000 years ago by the Romans. She helps Islands & Oceans to stay relevant by carefully guiding our product choices with her artistic eye and offers consultation on the technical specifications required in terms of manufacturing quality. 


Lizanne also runs a successful country business, selling blooms from her Flower Farm to customers in East Yorkshire. Her hectic schedule includes being a mother, a tennis player, and a knitter to the sound of smooth classic music.  She is always incredibly positive and has a ready smile to soothe ruffled feathers.

Prior to joining Islands & Oceans, she had a long list of accomplishments to her name, including managing her own Railway Themed Self Catering business, operating a clothing shop, selling wine, and designing gardens. It's no wonder that green is her favourite colour.


Lizanne hopes that Islands & Oceans' customers will take a great deal of enjoyment from our products and might even suggest some fresh ideas for us to consider. Lizanne is also very eager that we work to help our Bali manufacturing team members find long-term career opportunities. In the future, there are plans to provide educational and occupational learning under local guidance and sponsored by Islands & Oceans.

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Nea Sukaesh - Designer

Nea is a freelance designer who specialises on fabric products such as homeware, clothes, and leisure items. She handles the entire design process, from initial concepts to fabric selection, production, and finishing. She also has clients in Korea and Japan. Nea was born in Sumedang, near the foothills of Mount Tampomas Volcano, north-east of Bandung, Java. Her home is famous for Sumedang Tofu, a historic delicacy invented over 120 years ago.  


Nea enjoys sport, exercise and her regular singing lessons from a local musician friend. Classic rock and love songs being her favourites. Her other skills include being a make-up artist which she did professionally in Australia. Her favoured colours are blue, green, black and white. She hopes that working with Islands & Oceans will bring a lot of enjoyment to our UK customers and that they like her unique original designs.

Imelda ‘Mel’ Pargaribuan - Model


Mel, modelled our first collection of designer aprons for Islands & Oceans. Mel was born in Tanah Jawa, Sumatra, which is best renowned for its tea and rubber plantations. She now lives in Denpasar, Bali, and she is also a certified teacher who teaches private lessons to expatriate children. Her areas of expertise include English language and mathematics, exhibiting both beauty and intelligence in her chosen fields. She has also worked in the hospitality industry.

Mel enjoys cooking Indonesian and Western cuisine when she is not working and is good enough to be sought out for cooking lessons. Dark blue is her favourite colour. Her message to the consumers of the U.K is to enjoy your special Islands & Oceans products and tell your friends too, spread the love.

Imelda ‘Mel’ Pargaribuan.jpg
Mohammed ‘Romji’ Romzi.jpg

Mohammed ‘Romji’ Romzi – Batik Artisan


Romji was born in Pekalongan, the main port of Central Java and a renowned centre for batik production. He comes from a long history of outstanding artisans, including his father and grandfather, and now he leads a team of seven batik artisans.


Romji's workflow often begins with measuring and cutting fabric based on the designs being created. Then he uses hand-carved moulds to apply hot wax, followed by the Panjang Kriwil technique, the batik colouring process. When he isn't doing batik, he may be seen on the padi fields cultivating rice, which he alternates with watermelon crops in the best crop rotation practice.

Life isn't all about work. Romji likes to swim in his local river or go tuna fishing off the Sanur or Tandjung Reefs. He enjoys playing Palapa dangdut music and his favourite colour is yellow.

Magnolia & Deja Kirkwood – Junior Model and her Mum

Born in Denpasar, Bali, Magnolia is a five years old girl and her mother, Deja, is from San Francisco, California, USA. Noli, as she is known, adores jazz and rock 'n' roll music and playing with her friends. Noli is a natural performer who will dance with little prodding, and she mentioned that purple is her favourite colour. Her mom Deja, enjoys travelling and is passionate about linguistics and language arts. She enjoys classic rock and is knowledgeable about SEO and digital marketing. Teal is her favourite colour, and she wishes us all "peace on Earth."


Eva-Milati & Barbara Shilenkova – Junior Model and her Mum

Five years old Eva was born in Mataram, on the tiny island of Lombok which is a close neighbour of Bali. She enjoys all types of music and enjoys singing and dancing whenever she can. Barbara, her mother, is from Moscow, Russia, and she enjoys yoga and beach sports. Her musical choices range from the 1970s to the 1980s and 1990s. She enjoys singing and worked in the electrical procurement industry previously. When asked for her message to Islands & Oceans customers, Eva replied, "Miaow," while Barbara said, "Enjoy every moment of your life."

Emma & Mawah Gusti Ayu – First-Time Junior Model & her Mum

Emma was born in the city of Tabanan, Bali.  This is a less developed agricultural district of Bali located between two volcanoes: Batukaru and Agung, which is now active! Emma, who is only nine years old, is a full-time student in Sanur and enjoys traditional dancing, skating, and school sports. For Islands & Oceans, Emma modelled many designs of children's aprons.


Her musical choices range from The Beatles to K-Pop. Her mum Mawah, is a kindergarten teacher as well as a folk and rock singer and guitarist. She occasionally writes product descriptions for advertisements. Mawah prefers yellow, whereas Emma prefers blue. Their message to our customers: "Hi, I'm Emma from Bali," and "I'd love to visit England."


Our Mission

To design, ethically manufacture and provide authentic luxury homeware for our customers. We strive to provide authentic and exclusive Indonesian homeware collections based on traditional artisan handmade craftsmanship with sustainable procedures. 

We will always appreciate the invaluable contributions made by our Indonesian partners, those in Bali mostly. It is our objective to "give back" by sponsoring and supporting small businesses and communities with education and vocational training so that they can better the future for their children.

Furthermore, we commit to reinvesting a percentage of our revenues in the local economy, specifically in education, so that the skills on which we rely become a sustainable source, alongside many other traditional, cultural, and artisanal crafts.

Our Historical and Geographic Setting

Islands & Oceans is dedicated to presenting Indonesia's diverse range of historic, innovative, and unique ethnic arts. A massive archipelago of about 17,400 islands that connects South East Asia to Northern Australia while separating the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Based in Bali, a cultural time-warp that embraces a uniquely adapted Hindu cultural heritage. Islands & Oceans endeavours to capture some of the timeless magic of Batik and other authentic crafts.

An Eye on Quality and Value

Islands & Oceans initially focused on the United Kingdom, and many outstanding brands have developed here before moving on to greater global relevance. Customers in the United Kingdom have a reputation for being very discerning and recognising top quality with maximum style. We seek to create very desired homeware by selecting the greatest materials, processes, and traditional handcrafted expertise. The true aficionado understands that there is no room for cutting corners to achieve these standards. The attention to detail truly adds value to the finished products and instils satisfaction and pride of ownership to our customers.

Our Vision

It is our objective to provide a warm tropical welcome to our consumers, initially in the UK, to enhance their home culinary experience. Adding a touch of sunshine, spice, and cultural enjoyment whilst relaxing and socialising with friends and family. Creating an atmosphere of tropical splendour by using the delightful luxury homeware in our exclusive Batik and Linen fabric collections, and absorbing the cultural riches while pleasantly banishing the forbidding British climate.


Islands & Oceans intends to build up distribution and sales in the crucially important UK market before expanding globally. It is our goal to progressively and consistently expand a broad selection of sustainable and ethically created premium collections.